Professional Portrait Photography Vancouver, BC, Canada


Ingeborg Suzanne is a Greater Vancouver, British Columbia-based professional commercial photographer. She works both on-location and in-studio.

On location and in the studio, Ingeborg Suzanne uses the latest digital and film technology to capture the images you're looking for.

And after the shoot, she works closely with the technicians at Vancouver's top professional labs to deliver the consistency and quality you need.

With this attention to detail, it's easy to see why so many of Ingeborg Suzanne's clients are repeat customers.

"She has over 18 years' experience creating a wide range of distinctive images for annual reports, magazines, brochures, posters, billboards and other advertising media.

A valued creative team member, Ingeborg Suzanne is known for her versatility and flexibility, as well as her artistic, technical, and communication skills.

From people to places and products, in-studio or on-location, Ingeborg Suzanne can create the image that you need - on time and within budget."


Katrina King @ G. King Photo Lab
" I have worked with Ingeborg Suzanne for 16 years. I regard her as one of Vancouver's top professional photographers."

Barb Batchelor @ Beau Photo professional photographic suppliers
ďIngeborg Suzanne has been our customer for many years. Her professional attitude and endurance in this industry speak volumes."


Client List

Corporate Clients:
  • Siemens Canada Ltd.

  • Sevenson Environmental Services Ltd.

  • Brady Marketing Group

  • Via Rail

  • Komatsu America Corp.

  • Kamyr Constructio

  • Way of The Rail Publishing
  • Westworld B.C.
  • Swing Media,
  • B.C. Accommodations Guide
  • Terra Firma Digital Arts
  • Eye Soar Graphics
  • Bright Ideas
  • Hartley & Marks Publishers
  • Camozzi & Company Advertising Ltd.
  • Innovation Strategies Inc.
  • Mary Jean Brown
  • Doug Bidon
  • Lenore Conacher
  • Liz Mitten Ryan
  • Sandy Wrightman
  • Simone Carlysle-Smith
  • Prudential Sussex
    • Jon McRae
    • James Stobie
    • Paulean MacHale
  • Sutton Bby
    • Jake Gillespie
    • Eileen Smith-Allen
  • Remax
    • Teresa Bartrim
Government Agencies:
  • Ministry of Transportation
  • District of Sechelt
  • Tourism Toronto
  • Tourism Ottawa
  • Tourism Montreal
  • Tourism P.E.I.
  • Tourism Halifax


  • University of Phoenix
  • Dean Lys Interior Designs
  • Cedars Inn
  • Ritz Inn
  • Simple Things Crafts
  • Rosewood Country House
  • Bonnie Brook Lodge
  • Spirit of the Woods
  • Driftwood Trading Co.
  • Blue Dot Ceramics
  • Gift of the Eagle
  • Table Toyz
  • Star Shipping
  • Total Image
  • River Side Studios
  • NYPD fiddlers
  • Dance Works
  • Dominique's School of Dance
  • Coast Academy of Dance
  • Sunshine Coast Minor Hockey Association

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Professional Portrait Photography Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ingeborg Suzanne offers professional portrait photography for customers in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

A Vancouver portrait photographer, available for dancers, actors, entertainment & business professionalís in BC Canada.

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